plus size ethical fashion and sustainable fashion - image depicts two plus size linen garments and a scarf all in natural and green shades

Plus size, sustainable, ethical clothing – why is it so hard to find?

By Alex / January 22, 2021

Clothing that’s a) sustainably made, b) ethically made, and c) plus size is like hen’s teeth. Yet approximately 50% of the population are size 16 or above (or equivalent in men’s sizes), and sustainable fashion has been a growing market for at least a decade. You’d think there’d be more options. Most plus size clothing…

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A resilient new year

By Alex / January 14, 2021

And so the Julian calendar has finished a cycle and a new one is beginning. It’s traditional to wish people a happy new year at this point, and yet I’m hesitant. For the past few years I feel like we’ve all been saying, “Thank goodness that shitshow of a year is over, this new one…

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Is visible mending only for the rich?

By Alex / November 18, 2020

I have mixed feelings about visible mending. For the longest time, visibly mended clothes indicated you were poor. Think of all those pictures of paupers and hobos and ragamuffins with crudely patched trousers and bare feet. A lot of the sewing books I grew up on, often from my mum’s or my nanna’s generations, talked…

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Rainbow striped linen gauze


By Alex / October 2, 2020

tl;dr: skip the story, go straight to the rainbow linen scarves I’ll shortly be selling in my shop. When I lived in San Francisco, or even in the inner north of Melbourne, I didn’t much feel the need to adorn myself with rainbow-coloured kitsch to let people know I was queer. Queerness was so visible,…

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mitred square knitted blanket

Slowing down

By Alex / September 8, 2020

This pandemic has changed us all. I was hustling, and hating it, in an industry I didn’t even enjoy working in. It was bad for my mental health. After a couple of months of struggling, I realised that the only thing that felt good was working with my hands on the basic stuff of living.…

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