Yarrow tunic, locally made from sustainable linen fabric

Introducing the Yarrow tunic and top

By Alex / October 26, 2020

One of the first things I made in my new studio was a simple side-slit tunic in black wool, to give me a comfy extra layer on cold days. Straight after that, I made another one in warm-grey linen. A third in red linen, for a friend, came not much later. Soon I was making…

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Rainbow striped linen gauze


By Alex / October 2, 2020

tl;dr: skip the story, go straight to the rainbow linen scarves I’ll shortly be selling in my shop. When I lived in San Francisco, or even in the inner north of Melbourne, I didn’t much feel the need to adorn myself with rainbow-coloured kitsch to let people know I was queer. Queerness was so visible,…

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Linen clothes in progress

An update about selling clothes in the shop

By Alex / September 21, 2020

Hey folks. Just wanted to let you know where things are at with respect to selling clothes on this website or from my studio. I made a video if you like that sort of thing (or want to see me sitting on the steps outside the studio on a nice, though windy, spring day), but…

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