Introducing the Yarrow tunic and top

One of the first things I made in my new studio was a simple side-slit tunic in black wool, to give me a comfy extra layer on cold days. Straight after that, I made another one in warm-grey linen. A third in red linen, for a friend, came not much later. Soon I was making a shorter version, in the same style, to wear as a top. Before I knew it friends were placing dibs on them before they were even finished.

Simple design, easy to wear

The Yarrow tunic and top are incredibly simple but versatile garments, cut from two rectangles of cloth with generous seam allowances and minimal waste. Despite their simplicity, they fit beautifully on a wide range of bodies, and looks great under and over all kinds of other layers.

Yarrow tunic in black linen, displayed on a mannequin with a teal scarf draped around the neck. Next to the mannequin is a chair and a basket of mending. The Yarrow tunic is a sustainable, ethically made garment.
Yarrow tunic in black linen. Mannequin size: XXX. Tunic size: XXX.

Wear the tunic with leggings, skinny jeans, loose trousers or a flowy skirt; put it over a long-sleeved tee, or layer another loose linen top or a cardigan over it. Toss a scarf on in a contrasting or complementary colour, or belt it around the waist. So many options!

This tunic is excellent and has made it into my work rotation. I love it!
Recipient of the first Yarrow tunic

Yarrow has no particular shaping or darts, which means that it fits straight-up-and-down bodies as well as curvy ones. It’s just a matter of finding the wearing ease that suits you. You can wriggle into a tunic with close to zero ease and still move easily thanks to the side slits. Or choose one with 10-30cm ease for a more comfortable, drapey fit. The deep armholes and square shoulders form a simple cap sleeve, sitting lower on the arm the larger size you choose.

The Yarrow top has a similar design but it sits at hip-length, slightly longer at the back than the front, with a small side slit.

Yarrow top in bright purple linen, displayed on a mannequin and photographed from behind and to the right. This displays the cap sleeve and the side-slit and high-low hem. The Yarrow top is a sustainable, ethically made garment.
The Yarrow top, showing the hem detail. Mannequin size: XXX. Top size: XXX.

A garment to last for years and years

Like everything I make, yarrow tunics and tops are sewn with generous seam and hem allowances, and every edge is finished so there’s nothing to fray. I’ve reinforced high strain points with extra stitching to prevent tears, and finished the neckline with a generous sewn-down facing that helps it sit nicely.

If you want to take the tunic in or let it out, you can. If you want to sew the slits up or make them longer, you can. If you want to shorten or lengthen the hem, you can (there’s at least 5cm of spare hem length available).

Every garment also comes with a mending kit including matching fabric and thread, so that you have all you need to patch any holes or tears that come with long use. (The mending fabric is taken from the few scraps left over from this nearly zero-waste pattern, so nothing goes to landfill.)

Yarrow’s linen fabric is durable and easy to care for. Just toss it in the wash on a normal cycle, and hang it to dry.

Like all my natural fibre clothing, at end of its life the Yarrow can be repurposed into things like patchwork or toys or cleaning rags, and finally composted. But that should be many many years away!

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