Beeswax for hand-stitching with linen and other thread.

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Beeswax for hand-stitching with linen and other thread. 25g, approx 4cm diameter by 2.2cm high.

When you do a lot with beeswax you often end up with odd scraps. I save them and render them to remove most of the impurities, then make these nuggets of beeswax for sewing. The beeswax is not as perfectly clear and pristine as the beautiful wax I use for my balms and lotions, but it’s perfect for craft uses.

To reinforce your thread for stitching, run it a couple of times across the surface of the beeswax, either before or after threading your needle. If the weather is cold, you can soften the beeswax slightly by keeping it in your pocket between uses.

Beeswax will strengthen the thread and make the it less likely to fluff and fray. It’s especially useful when stitching with linen thread. Waxed thread is commonly used for leatherwork and other repairs.

Ingredients: Recycled beeswax scraps


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