Black triangles 100% cotton face mask

3-layer cotton face mask, with nose wire and choice of ear-loop, behind-the-head elastic or adjustable tape.


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If you have a full beard, select this to have the bottom section of your mask let out to allow room for it.


Face mask features

  • 3 layers of closely-woven cloth.
  • 100% natural fibres let your skin breathe.
  • The folded shape fits a wide range of face sizes, and allows room to breathe without feeling suffocated.
  • Wide centre panel shows off fabric design.
  • Substantial nose wire (approximately 10 centimetres long) for close adjustment.
  • Great fit for glasses-wearers.
  • Your choice of ear loops, behind-the-head elastic or adjustable behind-the-head tape.
  • "Full beard" adjustment is available. This lets out the lower half of the mask to fit better. See the product pics for reference.

Care of your face mask

  • You should wear a fresh mask every time you go out, and wash them in between.
  • Wash masks in a lingerie bag if you have one, to avoid losing them to the Laundry Trolls.
  • Any cycle (hot or cold) with laundry detergent will clean your mask well, but use a hot cycle if you want to be extra-sure about sterilisation. However note that the hot cycle may degrade elastic.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach, as it will fade the design. You may use oxygen bleach (like Napisan) if desired.
  • Dry on the clothesline, and indoor rack, or in an electric dryer. Note that using an electric dryer will degrade the elastic faster.
  • Ironing masks (on "cotton" setting, with steam) also helps with sterilisation and fit. Be careful not to iron elastic.

Adjusting or repairing your face mask

  • Elastic can easily be replaced. You will need approx two 20cm lengths for ear loops, or one 60cm length for behind the head. Use a safety pin to thread it through the channels on each side, then tie.
  • Some people find that the mask fits better without a wire. To remove it, unpick a few stitches at either end of the wire channel and work the wire out, then re-sew the gap.
  • If the nose shaping wire degrades or breaks over time, it can be removed and replaced by unpicking a few stitches as described above and threading a new one in. You will need 12cm of wire and a small pair of needle nose pliers to bend the ends.
  • To adjust a mask for a full beard, unpick the seams that hold the lower flap in place, and let it hang straight down. (I can also do this for you at the time of purchase, but who knows, perhaps you'll grow a beard later!)

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