Handmade pincushion

A cute pincushion made from the scraps of material leftover from COVID masks, and stuffed with wool fleece. Various sizes and designs available.

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As part of my zero-waste goal in my textile studio, and as encouragement to get as many people as possible to get up close and personal with their clothes by mending, modifying, and making their own, I’m offering these cute pincushions made from the small scraps of cotton fabric left after making COVID masks.

They come in various sizes because of the different sized scraps, and of course there are a wide variety of colours and patterns. I’m unable to list every combination of fabrics individually, but please feel free to make requests in the order notes if you’re looking for something particular. If you don’t mention anything, I’ll pick something to co-ordinate with the rest of your order.

  • Small size: perfect for taking with you in a portable sewing kit
  • Large size: a chunky boi best suited for sitting on your sewing table
  • Medium: in between, obviously!

All are priced the same, since the smaller ones take less material but are more fiddly to make. The size option is just a matter of your personal preference.


  • Each pincushion is made from two co-ordinating scraps of 100% cotton fabric, either both plain, or else plain underneath and patterned on top.
  • They are stuffed with wool fleece.
  • In the centre of each pincushion, helping it form its cute chubby shape, is a re-used vintage button in a co-ordinating colour.
  • Sewn with polyester or cotton thread, depending on availability.

End of life

At end of life, the cotton fabric and the wool stuffing are compostable.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Pincushion diameter

Large (approx 10cm), Medium (approx 8cm), Small (approx 6cm)


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