“Painted Lady” handwoven basket

Autumnal-coloured handwoven basket made from linen fabric scraps, repurposing offcuts from my zero-waste textile studio.

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This handwoven basket repurposes scrap fabric from my zero-waste textile studio. Selvedges (edges of woven cloth) and other thin strips are braided together, then sewn in a spiral pattern to form a sturdy basket. The basket is sewn with waxed linen thread, using beeswax from local hives to strengthen and smooth the thread. The attached hanging rope is made from dandelion stems, gathered from my Ballarat garden, dried, then twisted into a surprisingly sturdy rope.

This basket is 16cm tall (including the loops on the upper edge) and 13cm wide. The hanging rope is about 90cm long, but can easily be shortened if you wish.

The basket can stand alone on a flat surface, be used as a plant holder (be sure to use a saucer or a recycled plastic bag to catch any drips), to carry small items or gather things from the garden, or for any other purpose you can dream up.

“Painted lady” is reminiscent of the colours of the Australian Painted Lady butterfly, Vanessa kershawi. Its colours include variegated stripes of orange with white, undyed linen, and black,. A beautiful, autumnal-toned item to decorate your home, and a perfect gift.

Caring for your handwoven basket

Spot-treat any marks with laundry soap and water. The basket may be carefully hand-washed, however this may make the texture of it softer. Be careful not to immerse the dandelion-stem rope.

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 cm

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