#slowpride rainbow-striped linen scarf in “Dusk”

Beautiful, extra-large #slowpride rainbow scarf in yarn-dyed linen gauze. Measuring 200x75cm, these scarves can be worn a variety of ways.

Handmade in Ballarat, Australia from sustainable materials.
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Beautiful, extra-large #slowpride rainbow scarves in yarn-dyed linen gauze. Measuring approx 200x75cm (shawl/“pashmina” size), these scarves can be worn a variety of ways. They make a great alternative to bright synthetic pride wear, and are perfect as gifts!

Each scarf has been prewashed with environmentally-friendly, scent-free soap, line dried in the fresh air, ironed, cut to size, and hemmed personally by me.

Yarn-dyed fabric is made by dyeing the warp and weft of the cloth before weaving them together. This means if you look closely you can see the different colours running in each direction. Yarn dyed fabrics have a shimmering depth that you don’t get from cloth that’s dyed after being woven.

About linen

Linen is an environmentally friendly fabric made from the flax plant. Unlike cotton, flax requires minimal pesticides or water to grow. The suppliers I use are certified to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, which means that all dyes and chemicals used to process the flax fibre into cloth are non-toxic.

Linen is stronger than cotton, meaning fabric of the same weight will last longer. It breathes beautifully, never getting clammy the way cotton sometimes can. Although it can start out a little stiff-feeling, it gets softer and more lovely with every wear and every wash. Its famous (or notorious) wrinkles give it a beautiful texture which aficionados can spot a mile away. You don’t have to iron it if you don’t want to!

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