Refunds and exchanges

Under Australian consumer law, you are entitled to a refund or exchange if:

  • The item purchased is not as described or not fit for purpose
  • The item is faulty

I do not offer refunds if you change your mind, or if (deity forbid!) you just don’t like it. However, I may offer an exchange in this situation.

The nature of handmade

Everything I sell is handmade. Unlike factory-made products, this means that there is some variation between one item and the next.

For example:

  • Due to hand-measurement, sizes may vary slightly from those shown.
  • Some variation in construction, finishing, and design is normal.
  • Natural fabrics may have irregular texture or weave. This should not be considered a flaw.
  • Hand dyed items may fade or change colour over time. This is a normal part of the life cycle of the garment.
  • Direct replacements are not possible for one-of-a-kind items, and may not be available for small-batch products.

If you have any questions about these matters, please get in touch and I’d be happy to provide more detailed information about the items you’re hoping to purchase.

How to claim a refund or exchange

To start with, please get in touch with me by email to discuss. I will do my best to remedy the situation, which may include:

  • Alteration or mending of the item you purchased
  • Replacement of the item with another like it
  • Exchange for other products of similar value
  • A partial or full refund

If the item is faulty, not as described, or not fit for purpose: you pay to return the item, I pay for any costs associated with remedying the situation and sending the result back to you.

If you changed your mind: you pay shipping both ways, and any other costs. Note: items must be in as-purchased condition.