Bayleaf handmade garments are sized by their circumference at chest or hip, rounded down to the nearest 10cm. Most garments are designed to be worn loose.

80cm 31.5” X-Small
90cm 35.5” Small
100cm 39” Medium
110cm 43” Large
120cm 47” X-Large
130cm 51” XX-Large
140cm 55” XXX-Large
150cm 59” -
160cm 63” -
170cm 67” -
180cm 71” -
190cm 75” -
200cm 79” -

How to find your size

There are two simple methods to find your size.

1. Measure a favourite garment

Take a garment you already own and lay it flat. Measure across the widest point of chest or hips. Double this to get the circumference.

Note: your preferred measurements may be different for stretchy (knit) vs non-stretchy (woven) garments. Make sure to match the type of garment you are considering buying.

2. Measure yourself and choose your preferred ease

Measure around your chest or hips with a flexible tape measure, then add wearing ease depending on how loose you like your clothes. For instance, a person with a 105cm chest might like to wear shirts with at least 10cm of ease, so would look for a garment sized as 120cm.

If you don't have a dressmaker's flexible tape measure, you can measure with a piece of string then measure the length of the string.

"Zero ease" indicates a garment that fits skin-tight. With stretch fabrics, this will be a fitted look. With woven fabrics, this may restrict movement or make them difficult to take on and off. However, zero ease in a woven garment can also offer light chest flattening if this is desired.

Tailored business shirts and trousers are usually worn with 5-10cm ease.

Many of my garments are designed to fit with 10-20cm ease at least, for comfort and movement, and some are designed extra wide and drapey and may be worn with 50cm of ease or more. However, it's entirely up to you how tight you want to wear them!